Mujer Emprende presents its fourth program: the online visibility of your business makes the difference.

The program began, as usual, with a section of various news about current events in the Canary Islands, after which the interview with the head of the AFRIMAC 2 project, belonging to the Fuerteventura Island Council, Mr. Carlos David Gutiérrez, took place. He spoke to us about the impact generated and the results of the Woman Impact Summit event, which took place from November 9 to 11 and in which people from all over the world participated.

In the second section, called "Learning from failure", the entrepreneur Ms. Lourdes Benitez, founder of "El Costurero de Lulú", participated as a guest. In her speech, Lourdes Benítez talked about how her business idea came about and some of the lessons she learned during her entrepreneurship.

In the next section, "In a nutshell", we had the pleasure of receiving Ms. Andrea Rubiano, an expert in online marketing. Andrea Rubiano told us what are the 5 main mistakes a company makes when managing its image in social networks and on the website and 5 key points that must be taken into account in the internet world.

Do you want to know in detail everything that was discussed? The program will be available soon on the website of Radio ECCA!

The next program of Mujer Emprende will be broadcasted on December.

In the meantime, on to the entrepreneurship!

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