Program 10

Mujer Emprende presents its tenth program: Female entrepreneurship in the craft sector.

On this occasion, the program begins by speaking with today's first guest, Gabriela Álvarez, technician of the Afrimac 2 project at Radio ECCA, within the framework of the Afrimac 2 project, one of its objectives is to increase the competitive potential of the cooperation space through training and awareness of the population in general. A food handling course has recently been implemented, he does not talk about how the course was and how it was accepted in Cape Verde, and where it could not be done due to the growing number of covid-19 cases.

In the second section "Learning from failure", Ulrike Guse participated, artisan, creator of Ulita's Loom, produces natural fabrics on a manual loom, she tells us what motivated her to start the project, what barriers she has faced and how she has been with covid 19, and ends with 3-4 learnings that entrepreneurship and the pandemic have left him.

In the next section called "In a few words", Paula da Cruz Pinto participated, from the creative artisans association of Fuerteventura, representative of the artisan women, she tells us about the role that the association plays with female entrepreneurship and the challenges faced by women artisans. artisan women in this sector.

Finally, like every program, it ends with some interesting data, in this case it talks about crafts in Spain and mentions 5 cities where crafts have a special place. This program is available on the Radio Ecca website.

Mujer Emprende will return in June. Meanwhile, go for entrepreneurship!

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