"Mujer Emprende" presents its second program, in which the promotion of entrepreneurship, leadership and female empowerment is put on the table.

On this occasion the programme began with four news items, after which the Managing Director of the Radio ECCA Foundation, Ms. Amparo Osorio Roque, was interviewed. She spoke about the importance of promoting initiatives such as Mujer Emprende, the actions being carried out to strengthen and empower women in the field of equality and the importance of this in promoting business exchange between the Canary Islands and West Africa.

In the second section, called "Learning from failure", the entrepreneur Ms. Rita Cabrera, born in Lanzarote but raised in Fuerteventura, participated as a guest, in charge of managing the "Natur House" franchise in Fuerteventura. In her speech, Ms. Rita Cabrera reported on some of the lessons that she learned during her adventure of entrepreneurship.

In the following section, "In a few words", we had the pleasure of receiving Ms. Vanessa Marrero, economist, expert in financial education, coach, mentor of entrepreneurs and creator of the School of Economic Tranquility. After her presentation, Vanessa gave suggestions to women who are thinking about entrepreneurship and key points when doing it with a franchise, among which are:

  • Knowing how to measure economic forces.
  • Pay special attention to the conditions of purchase and legal issues.
  • The need to create contracts with tailor-made conditions.
  • The importance of pre-contractual information.
  • The importance of having an initial training on franchising.

To conclude today's program, listeners were given three curious facts about women and entrepreneurship, facts that most of us don't know and that can give us a broader sense of this world. You want to know what they are? Then listen to the program on iVoox

Mujer Emprende will be rebroadcast in October. In the meantime, destination: entrepreneurship!

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