Program 9

Mujer Emprende presents its ninth program: Female entrepreneurship in the primary sector: ecological agriculture.

On this occasion the program starts talking about the low presence of women in agriculture and livestock fields and how difficult it is for the few that are there. Then, we introduce today's first guest, Loreto Taborga Curto, territorial director of ICEX, who talked about what ICEX is, how the agri-food sector works and the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the primary sector.

In the second section called "Learning from failure", Monica Barreto partifcipated, a graduate in Environmental Sciences and a specialist in ecological agriculture, who has opted for the cultivation of ecological bananas on the island of La Palma, who talked to us about how the project began, the challenges she encountered and gave us 3-4 lessons that she has learned from her entrepreneurship.

In the next section called "In a few words", Juani Vega Artiles participated, Rural Development Agent in the Rural Development Association of Gran Canaria (AIDER Gran Canaria), she spoke about the role of AIDER GC plays in female entrepreneurship, of the importance of women carry in the primary sector and also gave advice taking into account the challenges that were faced by the previous guest.

Finally, just like in every other program, it ends with some interesting facts. In this case, our goal was to talk about the contribution of a specific woman in the primary sector of each island.This program is available on the Radio Ecca website.

Mujer Emprende will be back in May. In the meantime, we have one destination: entrepreneurship!

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