Mujer Emprende is an action framed within the "PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGICAL, ENTREPRENEURIAL AND INNOVATIVE EXCHANGE IN MATTERS OF HIGH ECONOMIC IMPACT BETWEEN THE CANARY ISLANDS AND WESTERN AFRICA", whose acronym is AFRIMAC 2 and which aims to promote business entrepreneurship, leadership and female empowerment.

With the collaboration of Radio Ecca Canarian Foundation, this action seeks to raise awareness, motivate, train and promote the participation of women in economic and entrepreneurial initiatives through various training sessions.

Specifically, it is worth mentioning the online training "Mujer Emprende", dedicated to the entrepreneurship of women in Fuerteventura and Cape Verde (Coming soon in Senegal), with each of these places having its own version of the course. This training is about helping women take the leap towards business autonomy, giving them advice on how to start this journey or, if they are already immersed in it, on how to make their business prosperous by giving tips on different tools, help and methods from which to take advantage (ICT tools, marketing, intangible assets, etc.).

The action also had a monthly radio program in the Canary Islands on the third Wednesday of each month, which was divided into several sections: first, people related to the project accompanied us live, and then went on to a second block in where we had as guests entrepreneurs who told us about their experiences and, finally, a section of experts who gave us guidelines, recommendations and useful advice on developing a business idea.

Similarly, the "Mujer Emprende" training is intertwined with the AFRIMAC project "100 Women to Change West Africa", intending that those women who participate in this project can also benefit from the training.

Along these same lines, AFRIMAC 2 and Radio Ecca are working together to create other courses dedicated to teaching tourism English and food handling in Cape Verde, as well as teaching Spanish through the "Communicate" course in Cape Verde and the Canary Islands.

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