Mujer Emprende is an action framed within the "PROGRAMME FOR BUSINESS EXCHANGE, TECHNOLOGY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION IN HIGH ECONOMIC IMPACT MATTERS BETWEEN THE CANARY ISLANDS AND WEST AFRICA", whose acronym is AFRIMAC 2 and which aims to promote business entrepreneurship, leadership and female empowerment.

With the collaboration of Fundación Canaria Radio Ecca, this action seeks to raise awareness, motivate, train and promote the participation of women in economic and entrepreneurial initiatives. To this end, several actions have been created.

AFRIMAC 2 and Radio Ecca have created an online course, "Mujer Emprende", dedicated to the entrepreneurship of the women of Fuerteventura and Cape Verde, with each of these places having its own version of the course. This course will try to help women make the leap to entrepreneurial autonomy, giving them advice on how to start this journey or, if they are already immersed in it, how to make their business prosperous by giving tips on different tools, aids and methods they can take advantage of (ICT tools, marketing, intangible assets, etc.).

The course will also have a monthly radio program, which will be divided into several sections: first, we will be accompanied live by people related to the project and then move on to a second block where we will have as guests entrepreneurs who will tell us their experiences and, finally, a section of experts who will give us the guidelines, recommendations and advice that may be useful in developing a business idea. The program will be broadcast on the third Wednesday of each month.

Also, the course "Mujer Emprende" is intertwined with the AFRIMAC project "100 Women to Change West Africa", with the intention that those women who participate in this project can also benefit from the course.

On the other hand, AFRIMAC and Radio Ecca will also work together to create three online courses dedicated to teaching English, teaching Spanish, and handling food, all in Cape Verde.

All these courses are accompanied by interviews and podcasts which, later, can be accessed through the websites of both entities ( and, in addition to the material and audios that make up each Radio Ecca course.


Project for the business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa

AFRIMAC 2 is a government initiative of the Canary Islands (Spain) in cooperation with different international institutions, governments, social organizations and companies to participate in the global development strategy of West Africa. This project is aimed at the business, technological, entreprising and innovative exchange in areas of high economic impact between the Canary Islands (Spain) and West Africa.

Besides, AFRIMAC 2 leads, participates and collaborates in various territorial cooperation and development projects.

AFRIMAC 2 has the following objectives:

  • To capitalize on the tools for the promotion of the knowledge of the existing business opportunities in the international sphere in the complementary emerging sectors of the Canary Islands from the gender perspective, influencing the improvement of the productive potential of women.
  • To promote the business networks created and the creation of new joint business initiatives, promoting equal participation of women and men.
  • To increase the competitive potential and entrepreneurship in the cooperation area with a gender focus.