Program 6

Mujer Emprende presents its sixth program: Women and technology: the digital divide.

As usual, the program, begins with a section containing a variety of news that could be of interest to entrepreneurs. After, the interview with Gabriela Alvarez, Radio Ecca’s European projects technician, begins. She also happens to be one of our partners in the AFRIMAC 2 project. In the interview she talks about what Radio Ecca’s purpose is within the AFRIMAC 2 project and what is being developed in it.

In the second section called "Learning from Failure ", Nuria Vallespín participated, an architect and urban planner, also the founder of "Spin Up Valley S.L.". She talked about the lessons she learned during her entrepreneurship.

In the next section called "In a few words ", Cristina Santana, head of the Europa Direct office on the Canary Islands, participated. She talked to us about factors that make women steer away from programming and IT services and also gives 3 proposals to help us overcome this.

Finally, just like in every other program, we talk about some interesting facts. This program is available on the Radio Ecca website.

Mujer Emprende will be broadcasted again on Wednesday, February 24th. In the meantime, we have one destination: entrepreneurship!
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