program 1

In this first program, an introduction has been made to what "Mujer Emprende" is and what topics it will cover, such as the promotion of entrepreneurship, leadership and female empowerment, as well as what AFRIMAC 2 is.

After the introduction, the Island Minister for the Presidency, Finance and Economic Promotion, Mr. Manuel Hernández, was interviewed and explained in more detail what AFRIMAC 2 is and what its objectives are and why it focuses on business entrepreneurship, leadership and women's empowerment. He also spoke about the importance of promoting business exchange between the Canary Islands and Africa and the AFRIMAC 2 event "100 Women to Change West Africa".

The second section, "Learning from failure", is a space aimed at all those women entrepreneurs or those willing to do so. A space where the exchange of experiences/ideas/anecdotes of businesses that resulted in failure, serve as inspiration and learning for many other people. In this first program we have the intervention of Maria Natacha Cabrera, from Fuerteventura, who runs her business "El mojo de Maria". She focused on three aspects that made her business fail at first:

  • The lack of knowledge of what it means to undertake (she had no information about it).
  • Failure in financial management (how to approach the business budget, how to distribute it, etc.).
  • Distribution logistics (the difficulty in distribution from the islands).

In the last section, called "In a few words", we received an expert who is in charge of giving advice on all the "failures" that our previous guest faced. In this first program we received Maria Luisa Martinez, lawyer, expert in Banking Law, Civil Law and Business and Enterprise Consulting. She focused on the following aspects:

  • The strategies for success.
    • Change of mentality.
    • Strategy and planning.
    • Economic planning.
    • The client.
  • The importance of knowing the life cycle of an enterprise.
  • Some entities that provide financial support.
  • Advice on the importance of good financial management.

If you want to hear the whole program, it's available at iVoox. Destination: entrepreneurship!

Next program: Wednesday, June 17th.

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