Program 7

Mujer Emprende presents its seventh program: How do we effectively communicate our brand image?

As per usual, the program begins with a section of various news of interest to entrepreneurs, after which the interview with Paula Hernandez took place. She is the technical advisor in the Vice Ministry of External Action; therefore, she is also another AFRIMAC 2 project partner. She spoke about how the Government of the Canary Islands contributes to the project and gives her opinion on whether the pandemic is necessary to create more partnerships like the ones that are found in this project.

In the second section, "Learning from failure", Yasmina Rodriguez and Carolina Suarez participated, the founders of "2 women manicure", who talked about the process of entrepreneurship, how they defined the image and brand of their company and ended up giving 2 lessons they learned from this entrepreneurship.

In the next section, called "In a few words", Presen Simon participated, a sociologist specialized in training and Soft Skills. She talked about the importance the brand image carries for the company and gave some elements that should be considered when creating it.

Finally, just like in every other program, we talk about some interesting facts. In this case, these facts were historical. This program is available on the Radio Ecca website.

Mujer Emprende will be back in March. In the meantime, we have one destination: entrepreneurship!
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